Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning Services across Somerset

BK Cleaning have been providing both Domestic and Commercial cleans for many years and have become well known for our Professional and expert approach to making your ovens look like new again.

  • How often do you clean your oven?
  • Does your oven leave a slight burnt smell in the kitchen or in the household?
  • When you open your oven does it smoke much?
  • Are your oven trays stained?
  • Are your Restaurant Kitchen ovens being cleaned on a regular basis?

Did you know it is recommended that you have your oven cleaned at least once a year?

BK Cleaning Services - OvenHere at BK Cleaning Services you can rest assured all our staff are trained to the highest standard and aim to cause minimal disruption to your day. We use Bio oven cleaner which works by using a carbon and grease digesting microbial treatment to break down deposits, instead of harmful caustic chemicals. Our dip tank which we use to clean any racks, grill pans, glass, self cleaning panels, pan supports, and gas hob rings allows us to complete the job more quickly and efficiently.

Our oven cleaning service consists of us cleaning the following:

  • door, glass, hinges and handles
  • rubber seals
  • racks, shelves and liners
  • sides, bottom and the top of the oven
  • buttons, dials and knobs

In addition to the above our oven cleaners will disassemble the oven door to ensure the glass is cleaned on both sides (where possible).